Quality A/C Tune Up Program


Proper maintenance means big savings

 Last Updated July 25, 2017

Program Notice:

Please be advised that service requests for the Quality A/C Tune-Up program are no longer being accepted. IID intends to offer the program again in the future. Please refer back to the website periodically for updates.

Your air conditioner is the single largest consumer of electricity in your home. Proper maintenance of your system will help it run more efficiently, use less electricity and reduce the cost of repairs, all saving you money!

AC Maintenance_Air Conditioner

With IID's Quality A/C Tune Up Program residential and small commercial account customers may receive the following services:

  • Duct test and seal (DTS)            
  • Refrigerant charge adjustment (RCA)
    • The program covers up to one pound (16 oz.) of R22 and / or 410A refrigerant.  Should a unit require more than one pound of refrigerant, the cost associated with the additional amount shall be covered by the customer receiving services.   
  • Inspection of all electrical connections and tightening if needed
  • Inspection of  all moving parts and lubrication if needed
  • Inspection of condensate drain
  • Inspection of system controls and thermostat settings
  • Cleaning of evaporator and condenser air conditioning coils*

*Split systems that have the air handler in the attic are excluded from this service, due to their inaccessibility.

Customers will be informed by the contractor if their unit requires additional services outside of the scope of this program; however, customers are not obligated to purchase any services not funded by this program.

How to participate? 

To register, click here or call 1-877-476-7392 and choose option 1.

Program participation is provided at no cost for all IID residential and small commercial account customers, with the exception of units that require more than one pound of refrigerant. If more than one pound of refrigerant is required, the cost associated with the additional amount shall be covered by the customer receiving services.   

Who performs the maintenance?
IID has partnered with Enalasys Corporation for the Quality A/C Maintenance Program. Enalasys will work with approved contractors to assess your systems needs and perform the required maintenance. 

 Approved Contractors
Imperial County:  Riverside County: 
 A/C Guys Air Solutions 
 A/C Services ECS
 Air Comfort Synergy Companies 
 Arctic Air Techno Desert 
 El Centro Air  
 Imperial Valley Air  
 Locke Air  
L W Air Conditioning   
 Synergy Companies  

Can I use my own contractor to perform the work?
You may choose to work with your own contractor; however, IID will only pay for the service if you go through our program partner Enalasys.

Does my unit have to be of a certain age to participate?
All units regardless of age can benefit from these measures; therefore, there is no unit age requirement for the program.

How often can I participate in the program?
Each customer may receive the duct, test and seal (DTS), once every five years and refrigerant charge adjustment (RCA) once every three years.

Can I have more than one unit serviced through the program?
Yes, as long at the unit is in working condition and actively provides heating, ventilating and air conditioning services to the IID residence or business, as listed on the electric account.

How long will it take to complete the maintenance?
Each measure will take approximately one hour to complete; however, please allow for additional time to address any unforeseen issues that may arise from the inspection. 

If I’m a tenant, does the owner of the property have to complete any forms?
Yes, the owner of the property will be required to sign the Consent Form provided to you after the energy assessment. No measures will be installed without the owner’s permission.

Customers are not obligated to purchase any services not funded by this program. This program is available on a first-come, first-served basis, until allocated funds are depleted. This program may be modified or terminated without notice.