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IID reminds water customers that untreated canal water is not for human consumption

Post Date:03/21/2017

Imperial Irrigation District wishes to remind its small acreage pipe account customers who have canal water service to their homes, that untreated canal water should not be used for drinking, cooking or for oral hygiene purposes.

In accordance with IID’s Drinking Water Compliance Program, small pipe account customers are required to have water for these purposes supplied by an approved water provider that delivers an alternative, suitable, water supply.

Customers are asked to:

  • Use an approved water source for oral hygiene, ice preparation, irrigating or cleaning wounds and when washing any food that will not subsequently be cooked.
  • Avoid getting untreated canal water in your mouth when bathing or showering.
  • Rinse dishes in the hottest water you can manage; do not use until completely dry.

“The quality of the canal water has not changed,” said Tina Shields, Water Department manager. “We just want to remind customers that there may be disease risks if pathogens are present in untreated canal water, so an approved water source needs to be used for human consumption.”

The district has about 3,000 small acreage pipe account customers; all are expected to receive reminder notices this week.

IID’s untreated canal water is not part of a municipal water system. Small acreage pipe account customers must contract with an approved provider for the delivery of water for drinking, cooking and consumption purposes.

The district has established contractual arrangements with approved bulk water delivery providers for reporting purposes and to ensure delivery service is continuously maintained. Customers who qualify can also receive up to $30/month to offset the cost of an alternative water source.

To apply, or for more information, call 1-760-339-9191 or visit IID online at

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