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IID Custom Energy Solutions Program for businesses

Post Date:05/15/2019

There can be a number of reasons to update your business’s aging equipment and facilities.

Investing in new equipment may save money. Renovating your commercial building may communicate your environmental stewardship. Integrating energy efficiency into your operations may keep you competitive.

To help business owners incorporate energy-efficient equipment, processes and measures in their commercial space, IID offers assistance through its recently bolstered Custom Energy Solutions Program.

The program offers three paths to an energy-efficient business environment:

  • Technical expertise to identify operational improvements, beneficial measures and cost-saving equipment upgrades that reduce energy consumption and demand. (Maximum financial incentive, $150,000.)

  • The New Construction Energy Efficiency Program Whole Building approach encourages an integrated design process through financial incentives that are awarded to the business owner if energy savings of 10 percent above current Title 24 requirements are achieved. (Maximum financial incentive, $150,000.)

  • The NCEEP System approach allows the business owner to retrofit large energy-consuming equipment, such as HVAC, lighting or process systems. (Maximum financial incentive, $50,000.)

At the end of the day, whichever path you may choose, you will improve the energy efficiency in your facility, potentially reaping up to $150,000 in financial incentives and benefits to your business for years to come.

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