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About IID

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Old Power BuildingIID has two core businesses and one overarching mission - to keep the lights on and the water flowing. These two basic functions of IID, both having to do with meeting our customers' essential needs, require extensive planning, teamwork and, above all, consistency.

Energy customers expect that when they flip the switch on in their homes or businesses, that the lights will remain on until they turn them off; similarly, the district's agricultural, municipal and industrial water users depend on IID to deliver this indispensible resource without fail, and regardless of the circumstances. In other words, what IID provides to its water and energy customers is reliability, a consistent level of service that is so seamless and certain that it is almost taken for granted.

Viewed in this way, the service we offer is predictability, an intangible commodity that is nevertheless fundamental to who we are as a public service agency and how we define success. Predictability, too, is vital to the district's own organizational goals and aspirations. The business, regulatory and environmental landscape is dynamic, and IID must be in a position to adapt to and, in many cases, anticipate changed market conditions.

Our challenge at IID is to maintain a constant state of readiness - and predictability - inside and outside the organization so that when changes occur we are poised to change with them. This isn't always easy to do, but it is critical to satisfying the needs of the district, its valued employees and, most importantly, its customers.

Protecting the flow of progress is a durable enough description of what the district does, but delivering predictability is key to understanding how we go about doing it.

IID delivers on this promise every day because, when you get right down to it, our only product is predictability.