Speakers Bureau


The Speakers’ Bureau is composed of engineering, environmental, construction, business, telecommunications, human resources and other professionals who represent the agency as speakers at civic, professional, educational and other public events. The Speakers Bureau is a free service as a part of our public communications and outreach programs. Our audiences include pre-schools to colleges, libraries and museums, professional and technical organizations and community groups.

Topics include:

  1. Salton Sea
  2. Environmental Education Programs
  3. Renewable Energy (Battery Storage / Solar)
  4. Transmission / Distribution / Power Plant
  5. Public Benefit Programs / Energy Efficiency
  6. Residential Energy Assistance Programs
  7. Copper Theft
  8. On-Farm Efficiency / System Conservation
  9. Legislative
  10. Human Resources Recruitment/Apprenticeship Programs 
  11. History of Water
  12. History of Energy
  13. Water Safety
  14. Energy Safety
  15. Emergency Management Services

To schedule a speaker at your next event, click here.

Please note that IID will do its best to accommodate most requests; however, we cannot guarantee all requests, especially those with short notice, will be fulfilled.