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Sponsorship Requests

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IID contributes to the betterment of the communities it serves through contributions for public purposes within the scope of its jurisdiction.

Public purposes within the jurisdiction of the district are the following:

  1. Matters pertaining to the district itself
  2. Matters pertaining to the water operations of the district
  3. Matters pertaining to the energy operations of the district

The district may only make contributions for public purposes within the jurisdiction of the district.

All requests for district contributions will be made in writing, with the original request submitted to the general manager's office. Each request will contain the following information on letterhead:

  1. Name of the requesting agency or group
  2. Mission or purpose of the agency or group
  3. Name, address and phone number of a contact representative
  4. A description of the project, program or event and how it fulfills a public purpose within the jurisdiction of the district
  5. Contribution being requested from the district

If the contribution requested totals $5,000 or more, the requesting agency or group must also provide (if applicable):

  1. Proof of good standing/qualification in California, and as a nonprofit recognized by the Internal Revenue Service
  2. Audited financial statements for the three years preceding the request
  3. Form 990 tax returns for the three years preceding the request
  4. A pro-forma budget for the current year
  5. A list of responsible directors and their address and telephone information

No matter how worthy the cause, the district is prohibited from making outright donations (i.e., an outright gift—made without any expectation of tangible value being returned) of public funds or property to be used strictly for charitable or similar purposes.

Requests should be forwarded to the General Manager's office:

Imperial Irrigation District
General Manager's Office
333 E. Barioni Blvd.
Imperial, CA 92251

Policy - Contributions for Public Purposes [PDF] 12/16/2014