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Reliability Compliance

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The Energy Policy Act of 2005 requires that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approve and enforce standards to protect and improve the reliability of the nation’s bulk power system. Under this statutory framework, standards are proposed by an electric reliability organization, a function currently filled by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation . NERC has delegated compliance monitoring and enforcement authority to various regional councils, such as the Western Electricity Coordinating Council IID’s regional enforcement authority. 

IID must comply withTrans Lines1 all requirements of the FERC-approved Reliability Standards applicable to its current registered functions. IID is an organization committed to meet all applicable Reliability Standards for operation within the Bulk Electric System and has developed a comprehensive Internal Compliance Program designed to foster compliance with the Reliability Standards. IID has charged Reliability Compliance Office staff, with monitoring all activities required within IID to meet NERC Reliability Standards.  

Staff members are encouraged to report compliance-related issues, incidents or potential violations directly to the Reliability Compliance Office. There may be times when employees do not feel comfortable reporting issues directly to the Reliability Compliance Office or other management. IID has put a mechanism in place to allow staff to report issues using an anonymous hotline.

The hotline number is 1-866-248-8754. Reports received through the hotline will be properly investigated by the Reliability Compliance Office. The Reliability Compliance Office will investigate all compliance reports received through the hotline.


For more information regarding IID’s reliability compliance program:

Phone: (760) 482-3352


Anonymous reporting hotline: 1-866-248-8754