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Financial Assistance

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IID offers several income-qualified assistance programs designed to help our customers meet their energy needs.

Energy Assistance Programs
Frequently Asked Questions

What is REAP and EEAP?
REAP stands for Residential Energy Assistance Program and provides customers with a discounted rate on their electric bill. EEAP stands for Emergency Energy Assistance Program for REAP customers facing disconnection due to non-payment. This program will assist with paying a final notice.

How do I qualify for REAP?
Qualification for the REAP program is based on the number of persons residing in your home and the total gross income of all the income sources in your home.

Why do I have to include my family members income if they don’t pay utility bills at home?
They benefit from the service.

If I don’t file taxes, do I still need to complete a 4506T form?
Yes. This is a requirement for each adult residing in your home.

How much of a discount can I expect?
Participants who meet the income-qualifying guidelines can received a 20 or 30 percent discount on their electric bill.

How do I get the 30 percent discount?
If you meet income guidelines, have a completed application on file and you are 62 years or older, you are eligible for a 30 percent REAP discount.

How long does it take to get the discount?
It generally takes approximately 6-8 weeks to receive your discount.

I understand that participation in IID’s Average Billing Plan is an available option. How does the program work?
To avoid erratic power bills, customers can take advantage of our Average Bill Payment Plan. Your average bill is determined by totaling your power bills for the past year, adding an inflation factor, and dividing by 12. For the next 11 months, you will be billed according to the new averaged bill amount. Each month your meter is read as normal and you will receive a statement reflecting the usage, but billing the averaged amount. In your 12th month of participation, you will receive a settlement statement which should be close to the averaged amount. An increase or decrease in consumption may cause a larger settlement or a credit.

How can I lower my average billing amount?
By cutting back on your kilowatt-hour usage. An audit of your home can be requested at no charge.

How many times can I get the EEAP assistance?
EEAP assistance is available quarterly, and participants may qualify for assistance one time per quarter, as follows:

     Customers may qualify for up to
1st quarter January, February, March


2nd quarter April, May, June


3rd quarter July, August, September


4th quarter October, November, December


How do I get the EEAP assistance?
You must be a REAP participant and have a final notice.

How do I check the status of my application?
Call 1-760-339-9032 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and speak with a REAP agent to get your status update..

Energy Assistance Programs-Overview [PDF]

Energy Assistance Programs - and Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]