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IID Energy delivers reliable electricity to thousands of homes and businesses each day, and while power lines bring the convenience of electricity to your home they also have the potential to cause serious injury or death.

We would like to remind customers to be safe when coming in contact with electrical equipment:


At Home

There are numerous electrical hazards out there, even in the comfort of your very own home.



Electrical hazards are not limited to indoors.


Working Outdoors

Protect yourself and be safe by following these tips when you work around electric lines, poles and facilities.

Stay away from downed wires

Below are a few safety tips should you encounter downed wires:

  • Do not approach or touch a wire.
  • Do not approach or touch any person or object in contact with a wire.
  • Call 911 and inform the operator it’s an electrical emergency.
  • Always assume downed power lines are energized and dangerous.

If your vehicle should come in contact with a power line, stay inside the vehicle. If exiting the vehicle is a must, the proper way to exit is to turn, cross your arms to avoid touching the vehicle, keep both feet together and jump as far away from the vehicle as possible. Then bunny hop to safety.

The video below provides detailed information on how to stay safe around electricity.