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  • green utility box in front of homes

Electrical hazards are not limited to indoors. Look up and you’ll likely see power poles and lines overhead. These can be dangerous. Follow the rules below to keep safe around outside power equipment.

  • Never fly kites, model airplanes or helicopters near electrical power lines.
  • Mylar balloons should not be near power lines and should never be released into the air.
  • You should avoid using large items such as ladders, poles or anything else under electrical lines that can hit, damage or pull on lines.
  • Power lines are not toys — never throw items like shoes or fishing rods onto them.
  • Avoid power poles, transformer boxes and stay far away from fallen power lines.
  • Power substations are completely off limits. Obey the signs and stay out of substations.
  • Don’t remove anything from a transformer. Professionals with safety gear are the only ones who should open or gain access to boxes.