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  • Osmose employee inspecting pole

Pole inspections

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In an effort to strengthen, protect and ensure the reliability of the electric system, Imperial Irrigation District has launched an intensive program to inspect its wooden power poles.

In January 2020, on behalf of IID, Osmose Utilities Services started a three-year process in which it will inspect thousands of IID wooden power poles throughout the district’s service area, inspecting poles in both the Imperial and Coachella valleys as part of a preventive maintenance effort.

An average of about 1,000 wooden power poles will be inspected monthly through December 2022.

Considered to be an energy industry “best practice,” IID’s wooden poles will be inspected for safety standards, durability, maintenance and/or replacement, if necessary.

Power will not be turned off during the inspection process; however, should a pole need to be replaced or repaired, it may be necessary for the power to be temporarily shut off  for the safety of the workers.

Customers will see inspection crews from Osmose Utilities Services at work, who will be wearing reflective vests with the Osmose Inc. logo and identification badges. Osmose is an approved contractor who is working on behalf of the district.

Customers who may have questions about pole inspections can contact IID at 1-800-303-7756 or by email at