Serving the community is of utmost importance, however, due to the financial effects caused by COVID-19, we are unable to process unsolicited requests for funding at this time. In addition, the Local Entity grant application process is currently closed.

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Residential Rebates

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It’s Rewarding to be Energy Efficient

March 19, 2020 - As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, IID remains committed to the health and safety of its customers and employees. We will continue to process rebate requests; however, there may be potential delays due to changing circumstances that may arise as this situation unfolds. We would like to assure you that service remains our priority and the staff of IID recognizes the importance of your rebates and will work to get them to you as quickly as possible.

Please note: Products must be purchased and installed in 2020 in order to qualify for a rebate. Rebates are not guaranteed and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. This program may be modified without prior notice. Please refer to the Energy Rewards Program Guidelines for more information.

Rebate Status
If you apply for a rebate using the IID Connect App, you will be able to track the status of your reimbursement request on the app. When using other methods to apply for a rebate, you may check the status by contacting Rebate Processing Center at or 1-760-482-3656 (Imperial Valley) or 1-760-396-5656 (Coachella Valley).


How to Apply

Read the terms and conditions of the program.
  1. Purchase and install qualifying product(s) between January 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020 (see list below).
  2. Submit your completed application, proof of purchase and other supporting documentation within 90 days of the purchase date and/or by December 31, 2020, (whichever occurs first) as rebates are limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Rebate Forms

4 Ways to Submit Your Rebate Application


For information or assistance, contact IID at:

1-760-482-3656 (Imperial Valley)

1-760-396-5656 (Coachella Valley)

For a list of participating contractors, please click here.

Product / Service



ENERGY STAR® Refrigerator


$75/ unit

The new refrigerator must be the primary refrigerator used in the home, 18.0-cubic foot minimum in size and an ENERGY STAR-qualified model (visit for a list of qualifying products). Limit one refrigerator rebate per installation address.

ENERGY STAR® Clothes Washer


$100 / unit

The new clothes washer must be the primary clothes washer in the home. Visit for a list of qualifying products. Limit one clothes washer rebate per installation address.

ENERGY STAR® Dual-Pane Windows


$2 / sq. ft.

Rebates available for retrofits only. Window performance rating must be ≤0.25 SHGC (measure of window’s ability to absorb/reflect heat) and ≤0.31 U-factor (measure of heat flow through window). Performance rating label or manufacturer order confirmation must be included with the application for each window.

Shade Screens


$1 sq. ft.

Qualifying shade screens must be installed only on sun-struck west-, south- and east-facing windows and block at least 80% of the solar heat gain. The screens must be installed on the exterior of clear glass windows that enclose an air-conditioned space. Windows must not be shaded by existing awnings, exterior curtains or blinds or any other exterior shading device. Please include manufacturer’s product specifications with application or ensure product details are listed on contractor invoice. Motorized or retractable shade structures are not eligible for rebate.

Variable-Speed Pool Pump


$200 / unit

New unit must replace existing single- or two-speed pool pump. For qualified variable-speed pump models and manufacturers, please refer to the Qualifying Pool Pump Equipment List, click here. Models not included on the Qualifying Product List do not qualify. Select models also require qualifying controllers.

Attic Fan

$75 / unit, electric $125 / unit, solar

Rebates are available for solar-powered and electric attic fans. Only one fan per 1,000 sq. ft. of air-conditioned space will be incentivized.

Attic Insulation


$0.30 / sq. ft.

Residence may have up to 7 inches in depth of existing insulation. If residence has more than 7 inches of existing insulation, any insulation added will not qualify for a rebate. Unless customer self-installs, insulation must be installed by an attic insulation contractor listed on IID’s Participating Contractors List at

Radiant Barrier


$0.30 / sq. ft.

Only square footage of first floor conditioned space qualifies. Must be attached to rafters or laid over existing attic insulation. Spray does not qualify. Must have radiant heat rejection of 95% or greater and meet ENERGY STAR emissivity requirements. Include manufacturer’s product specifications with application or ensure product details are listed on contractor invoice.

ENERGY STAR®-Qualified Room Air Conditioner

$100 / unit

For a complete list of qualifying ENERGY STAR® products, visit


Evaporative Cooler


$300 / unit

For qualified models , please refer to the Qualifying Product Lists, click here. Models not on Qualifying Product List do not qualify. Unit must be permanently installed, not window mounted. Must have UL-recognized components and a single or multi-duct distribution system. Must have a multi-function manual control switch or a thermostat specifically for evaporative coolers. Must be installed in the conditioned area of the home; units installed in unconditioned garages do not qualify.

Ductless Mini-Split System


$200 / unit

System must meet or exceed ≥18 SEER and be AHRI certified. Unit must be installed directly in the conditioned space of the home by a contractor on IID’s Participating Contractor List available at

Thermostat $50 / unit For a complete, up-to-date list of qualifying next generation thermostats, please view the Energy Rewards Qualifying Thermostat List.

HVAC System














Tier 1: $125 / ton








Tier 2: $200 / ton








Tier 3: $300 / ton









AHRI certificate required. Must meet SEER, EER and/or HSPF as indicated. If not self-installing unit, installation must be performed by a contractor on IID’s Participating Contractor List at Tiers 1, 2 and 3 apply to systems that are 5 tons or less and 65,000 BTU/Hr and below.


Take Our Online Energy Audit To Find Your Eligible Rebates

Online Requests for Energy Reward Rebates

To submit online requests for Energy Reward rebates, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to or download the IID Connect app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. First-time users, please click “My Account” to register.
  2. Click on "Efficiency." Then, enter your IID contract account number and zip code. Click "Submit."
  3. You will now see the incentives (residential or commercial) for which you qualify. Find the appropriate measure (HVAC, for example) and click "Apply."
  4. Your account information will appear pre-filled on screen. Complete the remaining required fields indicated with * if the mailing address is different from the service address or you need payment to go to a third party.
  5. Enter the product details of the purchased system.
  6. Upload the invoice and AHRI certificate. Please be sure to include the brand, model and serial numbers on the invoice.
  7. Completion of the contractor details section is not needed unless the contractor is completing the rebate request.
  8. Click on "Submit" to complete the process.

Program Limitations and Requirements

  • Existing homes only. Rebates are only available for existing homes. New construction does not qualify.
  • Limited funding. Rebates are limited, not guaranteed and may be terminated without prior notice. Residential rebates are capped at $5,000 annually per customer account.
  • Self-installation. Customers that self-install products do not need to work with a contractor, but must pull required building permits from their local jurisdiction.
  • Participating contractor requirements. If replacing a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system or installing attic insulation, these projects must be completed by a contractor on IID’s Participating Contractor List, unless the customer is self-installing the product. Visit to access IID’s Participating Contractors List.
  • Rebate frequency. A customer may only receive a rebate for the same product type once every five years.
  • NEM customers. Net energy metered (self-generating) customers’ rebate amounts will be determined by the percentage of their total energy usage that is not offset by their photovoltaic system. For example, if only 25% of an NEM customer’s energy is supplied by IID, their incentive is reduced to 25% of the rebate amount listed on the application.
  • Building permit requirements. Building permits are a requirement of your local jurisdiction (city, county, etc.) for certain projects, including the replacement of an HVAC system. Failure to apply for a building permit, when one is required, can result in a fine from your local building department. Call your local building department for more information.

Terms and Conditions

  1. I understand that funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Funds are limited and rebates are not guaranteed. Applications for rebates totaling $2,500 or more require pre-approval from IID. This program may be modified or terminated without prior notice.
  2. I understand that all measures must be purchased and installed between January 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020.
  3. I understand that the equipment must be new and installed at the residence listed on this application prior to submittal of this application. Units that are resold, rebuilt, retrofitted, rented, awarded as a prize, received in full or in part from insurance claims or installed as a result of new construction do not qualify.
  4. I understand that the signed and dated application, copies of receipts, invoices and other supporting documentation must be submitted to the IID Rebate Processing Center no later than December 31, 2020.
  5. I will allow, if requested, reasonable access to my residence to verify the installed item(s) noted on this application. I understand that a rebate will not be paid or I will be invoiced for the rebate amount, if I refuse a verification inspection.
  6. I agree that the selection, purchase, installation, ownership and maintenance of the product or improvement listed in this application are my sole responsibility and that my supplier, installer or contractor who provided these products or improvements is not an agent or representative of IID. I also understand that, with respect to the measures I choose to install, IID makes no warranty, whether expressed or implied, including warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. I agree that IID has no liability whatsoever concerning (1) the measures I choose to install; and (2) the workmanship of any third parties. I agree that in no event shall IID’s liability for property loss or damage resulting from its activities under this application exceed the total rebate amount paid to me under this application.
  7. I agree to continue using the incentivized equipment for the service life of the product (as per manufacturer’s recommendations) or for five years, whichever is less. If I do not comply with this requirement, I agree that IID has the right to seek a refund for a prorated amount of the original incentive initially paid to me, based on the period of time that I provided the related energy-efficiency benefits.
  8. I understand that the rebate amount per unit will be paid according to the rebate amount per unit in effect at the time the application is received by IID.
  9. If a tenant, I understand I am responsible for obtaining the property owner’s permission to install the product or improvement for which I am applying for a rebate. My signature on this application indicates I have obtained this permission.
  10. I understand that the rebate amount cannot exceed 50 percent of the net purchase price for the measures to be installed, where the net purchase price is defined as the documented purchase cost less any taxes, shipping, insurance coverage and incentives received from other entities (other than tax credits).
  11. I understand that if I am a self-generating customer my rebate amount will be determined by the percentage of my total energy usage that is provided by IID.
  12. TAX LIABILITY—Rebates and incentives are taxable. You are urged to consult your tax advisor concerning the taxability of rebates. IID is not responsible for any taxes that may be imposed on you as a result of your receipt of this rebate.
  13. I certify that I will comply with all program requirements and with all applicable local, state or federal laws and property owner and/or homeowner’s association requirements, if any. In instances when a contractor is required for the installation of the new measure, I understand it is my responsibility to ensure the contractor holds the appropriate license for the work performed.