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Green Energy Rate Program

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IID has developed a new Green Energy Rate Program that allows customers to designate how much renewable energy they wish to be served with.

The program is an excellent option for businesses that need to add renewable energy to their power mix.

In 2018, IID will serve its customers with 35 percent renewable energy. Customers who elect participation in the new Green Energy Rate Program, can choose to be served with an even greater percentage of renewables, up to 100 percent.  

Renewable EnergyThe program was launched during the last quarter of 2018. For participants, it is estimated that it will increase customers’ per kilowatt-hour rate by $0.013 to $0.02. The monthly rate will fluctuate based on IID’s cost to procure renewable resources.

The program is open to all electric customers, with an exception for customers who have installed on-site renewable systems or wholesale power customers receiving standby service.

The district has allocated 5 megawatts in the initial offering of the program, however, additional megawatts may be added if customer demand warrants an increase.

A champion for renewable energy, IID has invested millions of dollars in incentives to help customers take part in its renewable energy programs, including issuing rebates, weatherizing homes, tuning-up AC units and offering savings on energy and excess power sold to IID through net metering and net billing programs.

For more information, please review the program guidelines.

Factsheet - Green Energy Rate Program [PDF]


To learn more about the program and to sign-up for the Green Energy Rate Program interest list, click here. You will be notified when program details have been finalized and will have the option of being one of the first IID customers to subscribe to the program.