Path 42 Transmission Upgrade


IID’s Path 42 Transmission Line Rebuild Project will rebuild two existing 20.6 mile transmission
lines in the Coachella Valley. One line will extend from the Coachella Valley Substation to the Ramon
Substation; the other will run from the Coachella Valley Substation to Southern California Edison’s
Devers Substation.

The rebuild entails reconductoring the existing double circuit 230 kV transmission line with a
bundle of two conductors per phase and reinforcing 73 steel lattice towers to accommodate the additional conductor weight. IID’s Coachella Valley Substation will also be upgraded by incorporating a 230-kV, 48 MVAR capacitor bank and converting its existing 230 kV “ring” substation configuration to a “breaker-and one-half” substation configuration.

The rebuild of the Coachella Valley-Ramon transmission line, in conjunction with neighboring Southern California Edison’s upgrade of its portion of Path 42, will address the “most restrictive” element in transmission in renewable energy-rich Southern California. By upgrading from single to double conductor per phase, the increased transmission capacity will reduce congestion and enable the efficient flow of green energy to and from IID’s service area.

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