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Net Billing

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In order to ensure fair billing practices for all customers, IID adopted a new Net Billing Program in July 2016. The program brings prices in alignment with the real costs of providing power for all customers, including for those who choose to install rooftop solar systems on their homes.

The new program was a necessary solution that sought to balance the interests of all customers and will allow IID to continue to deliver on its obligation of providing the greatest value at the lowest cost. The new plan also eliminates a cap on participation levels, maintaining rooftop solar as an option for any customer who wishes to adopt it. 


Each billing month, IID will measure the energy delivered and received after your solar system serves your instantaneous load. You will receive a bill for the electricity you use according to your regular rate schedule. When your solar system generation is greater than your load, the district will pay for that energy at the same rate IID pays for energy from solar contractors.

Excess generation will be paid per the Distributive Self-Generation Service Rate Schedule, currently at 6.98¢ per kWh. This is a variable rate based on IID’s lowest wholesale solar contract cost at which IID’s procures solar generation. As determined by the district, the rate shall be adjusted as needed and made available effective immediately.

Net Billing example:

 1,000 kWh
 500 kWh
Billed at existing Customer rate,
residential, large commercial etc.
Customer is paid the same
price that IID procures solar

Click here to view the full Net Billing rate schedule.

Click here to view the Interconnection Agreement for Net Billing for Renewable Electrical Generating Facilities of One Megawatt or Less.

Click here to view the IID Board Resolution approving Net Billing.

Please note: Fees for Customer Service Proposals have changed and will affect all interconnection applications received after January 1, 2020 for the installation of a customer renewable system. For a complete list of new prices, please visit:  

If you have any questions, please contact the Distributed Interconnection Unit at 1-760-482-3673 or by email at