Equipment Clearances


Stay Safe Around Electrical Equipment

Ever wonder what that green metal box is in your neighborhood or even your own front yard? These
green boxes house high voltage utility equipment  that can pose a serious safety hazard if treated or
handled inappropriately. transformer

In the event of an equipment failure or a power outage, it’s important that our workers have safe access to the equipment to make needed repairs. Therefore, for your safety and that of our workers, there are city codes to limit landscaping around electrical equipment. Trees, shrubs, fences, large landscape rocks or other obstructions are not permitted in access areas around electrical equipment.

Follow these simple safety guidelines around electrical equipment:

  • The equipment must remain well ventilated—adequate air is needed to keep the boxes cool and working
    properly or they may become a fi re hazard.
  • The equipment must remain uncovered. Do not build a structure around IID’s equipment or att empt to fence it in.
  • Never let children wander close to the equipment— it may be hot or have sharp edges.

Clearance around Equipment is Critical

Please plan your plantings accordingly around utility boxes. If your plantings encroach on IID equipment, we
may be forced to remove them.

Before you start any project, call the Underground Service Alert, toll free, at 8-1-1 two working days before you begin your project. Experts will locate electric, gas, telephone, water and sewer lines on your land.

If you notice vegetation growing into IID’s equipment, please contact our energy Customer Service Center.