Line Clearance for Trees


Required Minimum Line Clearance Standards at the Power Pole Power line clearance

If you are involved in a new construction project or new subdivision, please use the drawing at right for reference when planning your landscaping near IID electrical equipment. Proper planting of vegetation near this equipment is essential to maintain the
reliability and accessibility of our electrical system.

Manageable, slow-growing trees are recommended. An unmanageable tree, also referred to as a “cycle buster,” is defined as any fast-growing tree with a growing rate of 10 feet or more per year. Any unmanageable tree encroaching IID’s power lines or
equipment which does not conform to any modern directional pruning techniques is subject to removal.

Line Clearance Standards for Date Palm Trees Palm Trees

Date palm trees are beautiful and add a certain ambience to a neighborhood. Few other symbols conjure up images of lush, tropical foliage as the instantly recognizable outline of this palm tree. As beautiful as date palm trees are, they can tower to heights up to 70 feet, and be a serious threat to power lines. The drawing above shows line clearances for these types of trees.


Before you start any landscaping project, call the Underground Service Alert, toll free, at 8-1-1 two working days before you begin your project. Experts will locate electric, gas, telephone, water and sewer lines on your land. If you notice vegetation growing into IID’s power lines or equipment, please contact our energy Customer Service Center.