Pruning Styles


IID’s Power Line Clearance Team ensures electric service reliability by reducing the frequency of tree-related power interruptions through maximum practical vegetation-to-conductor clearance, efficient and cost-effective work production and public and worker safety practices.

Notch Pruning notch
Manageable trees that are relatively close to power lines may be reshaped and trimmed to grow away from  them. The illustrations above and to the right show examples of “notch pruning,” where branches are pruned to form a notch in the upper tree crown to allow space for power lines.


Directional Pruning (Vertical Side Cut)
A 10-foot minimum clearance is recommended with trees that grow 10 feet or more per year.










Horizontal Internal Cut
Natural tree shape and branch pattern are best maintained with this type of cut. A one- to two-year clearance with a radial 10-foot distance may be maintained with any manageable tree species.

Horizontal cut top