Energy Efficiency Rebates Budget Status


Updated 4/4/2019

In 1996, Assembly Bill 1890 established law to preserve California's commitment to developing diverse, environmentally sensitive electricity resources that enhance system reliability by continuing support consistent with historic levels for cost-effective energy efficiency and conservation activities, for in-state renewable energy resources, and for public goods research, development and demonstration (RD&D).  The law also provides for expenditures for services provided to low-income electricity customers.

In compliance with this law, each IID customer pays 2.85% on its monthly bill through the Public Goods Charge.  This charge provides funding for IID’s public programs, including energy efficiency and rate assistance programs. 

Provided below is information on current energy efficiency program budgets.  Please be advised this information is intended to provide guidance as to potential funding only and is not a guarantee or representation that funds will be available.  Customers are encouraged to submit for rebates early.  The “Budget” (blue column) represents the total budget for each program.  The “Allocated” (red column) represents all rebates paid year-to-date as well as projected expenditures for applications that are currently in the queue or anticipated to be received based on historical data.  The “Allocated” column is a snapshot in time and will adjust as additional information becomes available. The “Available” column (green column) indicates how much money is remaining in each program budget. 

For questions or status on your application, please contact IID at 760-482-3656. 

 Custom Energy Solutions


Budget:     $1,690,221

Allocated: $132,063

Available:  $1,558,158

 Energy Assessments/Audits


Budget:     $159,931

Allocated: $54,806

Available:  $105,125

 Quality AC Tune-up

qa ac tune

Budget:     $1,400,000

Allocated: $337,435

Available:  $1,062,565

            Green Grants


Budget:     $23,915

Allocated: $0

Available:  $23,915

 Energy Rewards Rebates


Budget:     $1,122,432

Allocated: $272,373

Available:  $850,059