Net Energy Metering


IID’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) Program is fully subscribed. IID will continue to accept interconnection applications through the Net Billing Program. For additional information on IID’s Net Billing Program, click here.

NEM Cap FAQs [PDF] July 2016

Under California law (Public Utilities Code Section 2827), utilities were mandated to implement a net energy metering program by January 1, 2010 to compensate rooftop solar customers for extra energy generated until rooftop solar reached five percent of the utility’s peak demand. The program obligated California utilities to make NEM available to eligible customer-generators on a first-come-first-served basis. IID determined its NEM obligation to be 50.2 MW based upon a peak of 1004 MW in 2010, and reached that level ahead of schedule in early 2016.

Net Metering Program - Current Status as of 8/22/16.

5% Net Energy Metering

(NEM) Cap

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 NEM Projects

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50.2 MW

46.05 MW

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(Program fully subscribed)

In July 2016, IID made a policy decision to change its Net Metering Program to ensure that everyone pays their fair share for their use of the energy grid, including customers who choose to install rooftop solar systems on their homes. The new Net Billing Program, which was approved by the board last July after extensive discussion, now aligns prices with the actual cost of providing power for all customers. This was a necessary solution that balances the interests of every customer IID serves in order to continue to deliver on our obligation to providing the greatest value at the lowest cost.

IID’s net-surplus customers* will automatically be enrolled into the Enhanced Net Metering program on a first-come, first-served basis to receive compensation. NEM customers will also have the opportunity to elect to receive monetary compensation at rates established by the IID Board of Directors for any surplus generation during the preceding 12 months or carry the surplus as a kilowatt credit.

If you are a NEM customer, you will receive a letter and a Surplus Compensation Selection Form in the mail from IID.

*All customers participating in Net Energy Metering must have a meter capable of measuring the flow of electricity in two directions. If your current meter does not have this functionality, IID will replace it with a bi-directional meter as part of your enrollment. The customer is responsible for all fees associated with the meter replacement. Fees will vary based on the project size.

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