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Take Our Online Energy Audit To Find Your Eligible Rebates

Free Online Energy Assessment - Check out our new online energy assessment tool. Complete an audit in 5 minutes.

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MyEnergyXpert, IID’s new online energy assessment tool, helps make your energy decisions easy so you can get back to the things that matter.

Over 93 percent of homeowners who used the online audit tool were connected to rebates immediately. This makes taking action easier, and leads to energy bills that are up to 25 percent lower. For program details, click here.



Energy Rewards Rebate Program

AC_150x150Through IID's residential Energy Rewards Rebate Program customers can receive an incentive on the purchase and installation of qualifying products including HVAC units, dual pane windows, ENERGY STAR refrigerators, attic fans, variable-speed pool pumps and more. For program details, click here.  




Quality A/C Tune Up Program

AC_Tune-up_150x150Your air conditioner is the single largest consumer of electricity in your home. Proper maintenance of your system will help it run more efficiently, use less electricity and reduce the cost of repairs, all saving you money. For program details, click here.            




Refrigerator Recycling Program

Ref_150x150IID can help lower your monthly energy bills - and pay you to do it! You can receive $50 to recycle your old, working refrigerator or freezer. Plus, we'll even pick it up, free of charge and properly recycle it. For program details, click here.