Quality AC Tune Up Program


Proper maintenance means big savings

Update:  2/12/2019

The Quality AC Tune-Up Program begins Monday, February 18, 2019. At that time, you will be able to contact the AC contractor of your choice from the list of contractors to make an appointment to have an HVAC professional visit your home or business to conduct an AC Tune-Up. We look forward to serving you!

Your air conditioner is the single largest consumer of electricity in your home. Proper maintenance of your system will help it run more efficiently, use less electricity and reduce the cost of repairs, all saving you money!

With IID's Quality AC Tune-Up Program, residential and commercial customers may receive the following services:

  • Duct seal*
  • Tune-up, including filter change**, condenser coil cleaning, and if needed, refrigerant charge adjustment***
  • Installation of the Western Cooling Control™*    

*  Residential customers only. Furnace/air handler and supply and return plenums must be located outside of the building’s conditioned space and cannot have been previously sealed with mastic.
** For standard sized one-inch filters.
*** Up to one pound of refrigerant added by program.

How to participate? 
Simply contact an HVAC professional on IID’s Quality AC Tune-Up program contractor list to make an appointment.

Please note: The program is not available during the peak cooling season (June through August).

Quality AC Tune-Up Program Contractor List

Coachella Valley Imperial Valley
Hyde’s Air Conditioning & Heating
42949 Madio Street, Indio

Arctic Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
667 E. Ross Avenue, El Centro

Paloma Air Conditioning
83-019 Avenue 45, Indio

R & K Air Conditioning
798 Industry Way, El Centro

  Vic’s Air Conditioning and Electrical Co.
317 E. Fifth Street, Holtville

Program participation is provided at no cost for all IID residential and commercial account customers, with the exception of units that require more than one pound of refrigerant or have specialty or uncommon size filters. If more than one pound of refrigerant is required or the system has specialty or uncommon size filters, the cost associated with the additional amount of refrigerant or filters shall be covered by the customer receiving the service. Refrigerant cannot be added to systems suspected of having a refrigerant leak.

Can I use my own contractor to perform the work?
Yes, as long as they are listed on IID’s Quality AC Tune-Up program contractors list on this web page, which ensures they have received the proper training for this program.

Does my unit have to be of a certain age to participate?
All units regardless of age can benefit from these measures, but the unit must be operational and have been installed on the home/building for at least one year.

How often can I participate in the program?
Each customer may receive the tune-up once every three years. The duct sealing and Western Cooling Control™ measures are available on a one-time basis per system.

Can I have more than one unit serviced through the program?
Yes, as long at the unit is in working condition and actively provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning services to the IID residence or business listed on the electric account and has been installed on the home/building for at least one year.

If I’m a tenant, does the owner of the property have to complete any forms?
Yes, the owner of the property or their authorized representative will be required to sign the customer authorization form. No measures will be installed without the owner’s permission.

Customers are not obligated to purchase any services not funded by this program. This program is available on a first-come, first-served basis, until allocated funds are depleted. This program may be modified or terminated without notice.