Serving the community is of utmost importance, however, due to the financial effects caused by COVID-19, we are unable to process unsolicited requests for funding at this time. In addition, the Local Entity grant application process is currently closed.

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Transmission Service

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IID sells available transmission capacity (ATC) to other entities that need our lines to transport energy through our service area to coastal cities. Our ATC is posted on, a web-based transmission market, whose development was led by IID, and has become a valuable tool for utilities to locate and secure ATC on the Western Grid.

IID’s point-to-point transmission service is the use of transmission facilities for the transmission of capacity and energy between a point of receipt and a point of delivery. In IID’s Open Access Transmission Tariff, firm and non-firm point-to-point transmission services are offered for terms of various durations. Point-to-point transmission service can be used for transmission of capacity and/or energy into, out of, through or within the IID service territory. For more information, please visit IID's OASIS Web site.