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All-American CanalWith more than 3,000 miles of canals and drains, IID is one of the largest irrigation districts in the nation. As a public agency, IID strives to provide the highest level of service at the most economical price while preserving the unique ecosystem associated with this working landscape. The IID Water Department is responsible for the timely operation and maintenance of the extensive open channel system, and effectively delivers its annual entitlement of 3.1 million acre-feet, less water transfer obligations, to nearly one-half million acres for agricultural, municipal and industrial use. Of the water IID transports, approximately 97 percent is used for agricultural purposes, making possible Imperial County’s ranking as one of the top 10 agricultural regions nationwide. The remaining 3 percent of its water deliveries supply seven municipalities, one private water company and two community water systems as well as a variety of industrial uses and rural homes or businesses. As on-farm conservation efficiency measures are implemented, this ratio will change.

As the Imperial Valley continues to grow and as its economy diversifies, so too will the function and role of the IID Water Department. Through the implementation of extraordinary conservation projects, the development of innovative efficiency measures and the utilization of progressive management tools, the IID Water Department is working to ensure both the long-term viability of agriculture and the continued protection of water resources within its service area. IID’s Colorado River water entitlement is unparalleled, and as trustee of these water rights, IID will continue to responsibly manage this water supply and its related resources for many generations to come.