About IID Water


With more than 3,000 miles of canals and drains, IID is one of the largest irrigation districts in the nation. As a public agency, IID strives to provide the highest level of service at the most economical price while still preserving the unique ecosystem associated with this working landscape. Following are a list of quick facts about IID's Water Department.

 Water Use  
IID Total Consumptive Use in acre-feet as reported by USBR for 2018 2,625,422 AF
2018 Intentionally Created Surplus
130,197 AF
2018 Underrun  N/A

 Water Rates  
Agriculture $20/AF
Municipal $20/AF
Industrial $85/AF

Pipe Service Charge

    Tier 1 - pipe with 2" or less diameter, and service to small parcels from an open ditch $250/acct/yr
    Tier 2 - pipe over 2" diameter and not exceeding 6" (more than 2 acres) $100/acct/yr

 Number of Farm Accounts / Acres  
 2018 Owner Operated           1,824 (36%)
 2018 Tenant Operated           3,235 (64%)

Total  5,059
 2018 Gross Acreage Within District Boundaries  1,061,637 acres
 2018 Total Area Receiving Water (ag, municipal, industrial, other)  520,307 acres

 Canals & Drains  
Miles of Canals 1,668 miles  
Miles of Drains 1,456 miles

2010 Water Department Annual Report [PDF]