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  • east highline canal delivery gates

Agriculture Customers

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IID’s Water Department has been serving the Imperial Valley’s water needs for 100 years. The district provides raw Colorado River water for irrigation and also for non-potable residential and industrial use. To facilitate its delivery, IID operates more than 230 miles of main canals, 1,438 miles of canals and laterals of which 1,130 miles are concrete lined or pipelined, and 1,406 miles of drainage ditches of which 107 miles are piped.

Establishing Service
The application for water service is entitled "Certificate of Ownership and Authorization of Agent or Tenant," and is the authority by which all charges shall be made by IID for water service. This application is a written request for service and does not in itself bind the District to serve except under reasonable conditions, and in accordance with the rules and regulations. IID requires that one such form be executed by the landowner for each separate account and/or parcel of property, except that more than one form may be required for each parcel where such a requirement serves the best interests of IID.

Temporary water users shall fill out an application for temporary water service. This application shall be the water user's authority to remove water from the location specified for the time period stated on the application, and also requires a water metering device.

IID will accept a "Certificate of Ownership" without further proof of ownership and will accept the certificate when made by a person acting on behalf of the owner; however, the district may require evidence of his authority to represent the landowner.

Where an owner uses the "Authorization of Agent or Tenant" section to designate his tenant as his agent, he will guarantee payment for all water service charges incurred by the tenant. Any changes of the terms of authorization as printed on the form will be disregarded by the district.

If the owner or IID requires the designated tenant-agent make a cash deposit to guarantee payment of water service charges, IID will not deliver water on the order of the tenant-agent until the deposit is made. IID is not responsible for sufficiency of the deposit required, and will hold the landowner responsible for payment of any unpaid water service charges in excess of the deposit.