Important Water Dates & Deadlines


Following are a list of dates and events that pertain to the Water Department and its customers. Please note these dates are subject to change without notice.

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December 2017
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2018 Apportionment
Apportionment acceptance authorization forms for 2018 water apportionment offered must be submitted by December 15, 2017.  These forms do not need to be submitted if the intent is to accept all the apportionment with the default permissions.


Most ag water users require no action; the entire water apportionment is accepted on a take-or-pay basis and the tenant is authorized to use the clearinghouse by default.


In the event a landowner expects a tenant change mid-year, it is recommended they submit an authorization form accepting all the water apportionment and offering 50 percent or the appropriate proration of it to the current tenant noting the expected lease expiration date.


Accepted apportionment summaries will be mailed no later than January to owners and tenants confirming the accepted apportionment for 2018.


2017 Ag Water Clearinghouse
Records indicate that ag water users may have some unused apportionment in 2017. Sunday, December 31, 2017, is the deadline to offer water to, or request water from, the ag water clearinghouse for the month of December. 


It is recommended that all ag water users submit a notice of transfer form and select the zero-out option, requiring only an account name and number. Selecting this option authorizes the district to balance the farm unit at the end of the year, making adjustments for leaching, conservation programs, and unused farm unit water.  A pre-filled notice of transfer is being mailed to all ag water users to make this easier. 


All On-Farm Efficiency Conservation Program participants should submit a notice of transfer requesting to zero out the farm unit to ensure they have enough water to cover their conservation, so they don’t end up with water remaining in their account.


2017 Take-or-pay relief period

Sunday, December 31, 2017, is also the deadline for the last relief period of the year, which is further encouragement for any water user who has unused apportionment to submit a notice of transfer to the ag water clearinghouse.


IID will accept up to 7 percent of any farm unit’s apportionment, thereby relieving the water user of the payment for that water on a take-or-pay basis. Ag water customers should use this relief period to avoid potential take-or-pay charges for unused 2017 apportioned water.


If you have any questions or need assistance offering or requesting water to be transferred through the ag water clearinghouse, please contact:


Kirk Hale
Supt, Water Operations, NE Division 1-760-482-9959 or


Brian VanBebber
Supt, Water Operations, SE Division
1-760-339-9645 or


Ag water clearinghouse notice of transfer forms can be obtained at



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