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Rural Energy System Distribution Expansion Funding for On-Farm Conservation Projects

The Imperial Irrigation District collects back-feed power service payments and limited waiver fees from generating facilities located within IID’s service area. On March 4, 2014, the IID Board directed that these monies be utilized solely to fund the expansion of the rural energy distribution system in support of on-farm water conservation projects.

Final Rural Energy Distribution System Guidelines:

  1. Funds must be used for projects that expand the existing rural electrical system and provide increased electrical service/revenues from agriculture customers.
  2. Funds are limited to projects participating in IID’s on-farm efficiency conservation program or facilitating an on-farm conservation method.
  3. Project funding is limited each year to the annual backfeed power service revenues (approximately $600,000 per year).
  4. An annual application period will be established for project funding requests, after which applications will be accepted on a case-by-case basis if annual funding remains available.
  5. Annual funding cap of $200,000 per farm-unit.
  6. IID’s cost-share capped at 75 percent of the electrical upgrade, not to exceed $150,000.
  7. Project costs in excess of $200,000 are the customer’s responsibility.
  8. Annual funding limitations will also apply to farm units.
  9. An application review committee will be established to review and rank submittals and recommend funding awards.
  10. Funding awards must be utilized within one calendar year of application approval and are contingent upon payment in full of the project balance.

To apply for funding, please complete the Rural Energy System Distribution Expansion Funding Application posted below. For more information, contact Mike Pacheco at (760)339-9287 or by email.

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