Serving the community is of utmost importance, however, due to the financial effects caused by COVID-19, we are unable to process unsolicited requests for funding at this time. In addition, the Local Entity grant application process is currently closed.

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Appeal Process

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2016 Non-Competitive Program Appeals
In accordance with the action adopted by the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors acting as the Local Entity on June 6, 2017, authorizing an appeal process in reference to the disqualification of grant proposals submitted under the 2016 Non-Competitive Mitigation Program, we are hereby notifying appellants and their representatives of the following:

As stated in Section IX of the 2016 Non-Competitive Mitigation Program Request for Proposals, appeals must be submitted in writing and delivered in person by 5 p.m. on Monday, July 10, 2017 to:

Angelita Topete
Water Administration Office, Building J-1
333 E Barioni Boulevard
Imperial, California

A public appeal hearing will be scheduled, at which any appellant who has submitted a written appeal may speak to the appeal panel. Any presentations made to the appeal panel at the appeal hearing will be restricted to the issues discussed in the applicant’s written appeal. If an applicant does not submit a written appeal by the deadline, no further administrative review will  take place and the current status of the claim will become finalized.

The date, time and location of the appeal hearing will be posted on the Local Entity web site at at least 5 days prior to the hearing.

Any approved claims, whether tentatively approved initially or approved through the appeal process, are subject to reasonable audit by the LE concerning document verification and program eligibility and compliance. Additionally all approved claims will be subject to fallowing year proration and the per-entity award cap, which is $100,000 per fallowing year per applicant. Final award amounts for approved claims will be determined at the completion of the appeal process.

If you have any questions regarding the appeal process, please contact Local Entity staff:

Candace Nelson (760) 791-6797