System Conservation Program


The System Conservation Program is an integrated package of system improvements to existing infrastructure and construction of new facilities designed to conserve water through targeted spill reductions, and to enable more flexible delivery operations that are required to achieve the on-farm conservation goals.

Water conservation savings generated from the implementation of these efficiency improvements are required to fulfill water transfer obligations under the QSA and related agreements.

Program Phasing
The implementation of the SCP is organized around four major phases of work on a pilot basis.

  • Phase 1 consists of the major Integrated Information Management components of the program including SCADA system upgrades, communication system upgrades and zanjero laptops. This phase has been completed, except for the communication upgrade.
  • Phase 2 consists of automating 22 lateral headings on two zanjero pilot runs. This phase has been completed.
  • Phase 3 includes a work package for flow measurement at 197 deliveries on the pilot runs.
  • Phase 4 is a work package to develop flow measurement at 108 lateral spills system wide. Structural upgrades have been completed and documents are being finalized to procure flow measurement equipment.

Real time field data will be telemetered to the zanjero’s laptop for sites within the appropriate run. This will provide up to the minute flow and level information, on the two pilot runs to the assigned zanjero, for more efficient lateral and delivery operation