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System Conservation Program

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IID generates conserved water to meet the needs of the QSA water transfers by making water efficiency improvements in its delivery system. Conservation targets started at 4,000 acre-feet in 2008 with the goal of capturing and reusing operational discharge. With the completion of the first system conservation project (the Main Canal Seepage Interception project and other system projects), the district conserved nearly 45,000 acre-feet in 2015 through system conservation. IID system conservation measures are expected to generate nearly 50,000 acre-feet in 2016, with the goal of reaching 103,000 acre-feet annually in 2026. System conservation efforts improve the reliability and flexibility of water deliveries and facilitate future on-farm conservation efforts. Components of the System Conservation Program:

  • Discharge Reduction Program

    • Communication upgrades

    • Installation of automated lateral headings

    • Design and installation of monitored discharge sites

    • Laptop computers for Zanjeros.

    • SCADA integration and monitoring

  • Large operational reservoirs

  • Mid-Lateral off line operational reservoirs

  • Existing operational reservoir up grades

  • Main canal and lateral interties

  • Main canal seepage recovery projects