Water Conservation Advisory Board


The Water Conservation Advisory Board was first established by the IID Board of Directors in July of 1979. The WCAB was created to provide information and input related to water use efficiencies, for both system and on-farm water management practices, to the IID Board of Directors and the public. The WCAB consists of a total of 15 water users, three from each division, who are appointed by the five IID Directors.

Click on the link below for a detailed schedule of meetings.

2019 WCAB Meeting Schedule [PDF]

Division 1  Division 2 

James Preece

Alex Proctor

Andrew Colace

Larry Gilbert
Paula Pangle
Tom Brundy 
Division 3 Division 4

Mark McBroom
Al Kalin - Chairman

Larry Cox - Vice Chairman

Stephen Benson

Miguel Ferreiro

Alex Sanchez

Division 5

Ralph Strahm

Sterling Arkie Mayes

Craig Elmore

WCAB Bylaws 1-23-2013 [PDF]